What does Solitaire mean for diamond rings

So what does Solitaire mean?

I wont blame you for thinking that Solitaire is that addictive card game that people used to play on Windows computers many years ago (does it even exist still?), and when I joined the jewellery industry many years ago I heard people talking about Solitaires constantly. I thought they were part of a secret card playing club. Alas though I was wrong and it’s a term I’ve become accustomed to over the years when working with Diamond Rings.

Solitaire means a Single Diamond Engagement Ring, or just single diamond ring. It means that a single diamond of any shape or size is set into a piece of jewellery or metal or ring. So for instance a Solitaire Diamond Ring is a single diamond set into a ring. A solitaire earring for instance is a single stone set into a earring setting, such as a stud. This goes for pendants or brooches too. It is often described as a “one diamond ring”, a “single stone ring” or “single diamond ring”. So now you know when you speak to your friends you can confidently say “What a beautiful Solitaire ring” and describe in perfect detail what that is when they look slightly bewildered!!

The one Diamond Ring

I mentioned above that the Solitaire ring holds just a single diamond. Many assume it’s just the Round cut Diamond that this refers too. Not strictly so. A Solitaire ring can be of any shape, from a heart shape ring to a pear shape stud earring. As long as the piece of jewellery holds just a single stone it can be classed a Solitaire.

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